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Resolution of a Single Matchmaker

I'm not one for New Years resolutions, only because I live a life of non-stop resolutions. I'm constantly saying to myself, "It's time to be a better person, so from now on I'm going to start doing ...". The best part of being human is that we all make mistakes, also, the best part of being human is that we have the capacity and ability to be better versions of ourselves. New Years is the perfect time to reflect on the things that we have done well, and the things we have not done well. Mistakes are not just one act that we then regret and never do again; mistakes have a tendency to amalgamate over time until we no longer clearly see them as mistakes, especially in regards to relationships with other people. Emotions, human nature, and two people's intentions of one another creates an interesting dynamic and evolution over time.

2020 is time for me to meet my partner. True, there is still room for me to grow, which is the best part of life, but I know I am ready. Over the last year, mistakes and relationships have developed much further than they should have. It is human nature to want to surround ourselves with people who give us attention, and even the most enlightened person can allow relationships to continue further then they should. Almost everyone can reflect on the relationships in their lives, and pick out a few people that they keep around for selfish reasons. December was the time for me to respectfully back away from these relationships romantically. Just because they weren't a good fit, does not make them a bad person, hence the respect. They are still connections I've made with another person, and I never want to bring hurt or negativity into someone else's life. I choose to do this so that I could be mentally and emotionally prepared for the upcoming year. Dating can be hard, but when done right, it's fun and energizing. We need to respect the fact that when we enter the dating world, people will be allowing us into the most vulnerable parts of their lives. We need to tread lightly and kindly. To have the confidence to do so, we have to be of sound mind and stable emotions.

I wanted to thank everyone that has encouraged, loved and supported me and my business in 2019. So much has changed. To all you amazing couples I was able to introduce this year, you are the reason I continue the grind! To all those that have made it to the bottom of this blog, I have been blessed to watch you grow and develop into amazing people. You have been following me on this journey of growth and discovery. I love you all so much. Now it's time to make the year 2020 our BITCH! For all you ladies who have decided that 2020 will be your year of love, join us on Thursday for our Wing-Women evening where will be talking about finding love in the new year. To save your spot, follow this link:

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