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Finding Love Through The Broken Pieces - J-E Matchmaking Success Story

I know we sometimes think we have to be completely healed before we can pursue looking for a future partner. We will never be fully healed. We are human and will always have broken pieces. I encourage everyone to continue to find love, even through the broken pieces.

Whenever I get a phone call with a new potential client, I never know what my experience will be with them. Those that I think will be easy to match, are sometimes the most difficult, and those I think will be more difficult sometimes match the quickest! There are a lot of factors; the demographic of the Book of Love database at that time, what events are coming up, a pandemic, the work they have to do to be ready for a relationship, what exactly it is they're looking for, etc. The most important factor, above anything else, is mindset and the desire to do the work. Continue to read, as we take you on the journey, and ultimately, the love story of one of these clients. She decides the best time to find her person is in the middle of a pandemic, a second lock down, and at the beginning of a dark winter. She didn't shy away from the work and invested in the process. I couldn't be happier for these two!

"September 2020 I decided to take a leap of faith, love and fear. My 'finding love' story has many parts. Some excited me, like getting fun pictures done, having to choose what mattered to me, and deciding to throw away all preconceived notions of what dating and a relationship looked like. But there were tough parts too, like getting down to the roots of who I was and finding the side of me that had been dark for so long. I made the decision to climb the mountain of finding a partnership. Luckily, I had a big sister that I never thought I needed beside me the whole time. My matchmaker.

I described myself to Jean-eva as a puppy that needs training, I'm still peeing on the floor but give it time and I'll learn! Then my journey began. I was doing the hard work and yet still for months nothing clicked... until December 22nd, 2020 at one of her virtual speed dating

events. I had been to one of her events previously, with no luck. This time around I had her coaching/puppy training. 'Make sure to have good lighting and that your camera angle is at a comfortable level. Practice some conversation starter's with friends before the event. Come to the event with the mindset, of meeting new people, and enjoying conversations with other singles. Ask interesting and unique questions, so you stand out from the rest.' With my laptop Jenga'ed onto a pile of books, my best friend's ring light positioned in the perfect spot, I was ready!




I was on fire! I made one match that night, someone I really hadn't considered. "Hey Christine it's me from the speed dating event the other night, hope your Christmas is going great! Are you up for another chat sometime?" This was during the holidays and my birthday which is always a crazy time of year, but I made time for a date on the Halifax Waterfront. We're always nervous on the first date, but once you get into it, you never know what will come out of it. When we look past the superficial an amazing world can be opened up to you!

He was my frozen 5, (J-E Matchmaking's 5 most important qualities in my future partner) I just hadn't fully realized it yet. You would think after spending 3 1/2 hrs walking on the waterfront that I would have figured that out, but not quite yet.

We continued to chat. He was charming, funny, honest, kind and all around just a great human to

be around. Our second date was New Years Eve, but that turned into a bucket of memories that I will keep secret. So, second date 2.0, we were in lockdown still, and off to Point Pleasant Park we went. It was there that I really opened up about who I was, and I really thought I would scare him off with all my broken pieces. But I didn't!

Aren't we all broken though? it's up to us who we choose to share those broken parts with, and maybe just maybe they'll share theirs too!

Seven months later, I'm sitting next to my person. The person who accepted me when I was still learning how to accept myself. He gave me the chance to walk into his world and let me walk beside him and learn new things about myself along the way. We're on a crazy, fun and hilarious journey with bumps in the road, but we are doing it together. One person is the soul and you choose that mate. Who you want to walk with. Choose wisely but be open to the possibility of hope, love and kindness because those broken pieces can slowly heal through them.

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