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Voted One of the 10 Best Matchmakers in Canada
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The Coast

In a world where meeting people gets reduced to swiping left and right, Halifax-based dating coach Jean-eva Dickie is putting a human touch back into the search for true love.


CTV News Atlantic

Is there a difference between dating online and meeting in person? Jean-eva from The Book of Love Canada comes on to talk about what you can expect from a singles event


CBC News

Why more people in their 20s and 30s are choosing speed friending. "Speed friending" pairs Haligonians looking for a non-romantic connection

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Global News

Jean-eva Dickie is Nova Scotia’s only professional matchmaker and has turned her passion for matching and coaching singles into a successful business.

Image by Toa Heftiba
I have never felt more seen and appreciated. He gets me and he sees my magic. The way I catch him looking at me makes my heart skip a thousand beats. We are in sync with each other in a way I have never experienced. And the conversation is so clear and honest. So, it’s going well. I’m beyond happy

Speed Dating Couple - B & D - Married

Compound Dating Technique Boot Camp

I was fearful of change, and being pushed out of my comfort zone. I was fearful of finding out that there was no one out there for me and that I would be single forever (as ridiculous as that seems), but I feel the positive experiences I’ve had have made me realize that whatever the outcome in my life (because who knows the future), I have the dating skills and positive mindset to enjoy the ride!

It was more than expected. I did not anticipate how supportive everyone would be, and what good friendships I would forge through the camp! I was imagining picturing a catty, competition-filled group, but what was there was refreshing, fun and supportive! Was like one big therapy session every week and I completely enjoyed it- even the hard bits. I learned more about myself and my past traumas (and how to deal with them) then I ever imagined. I don’t know where I would be right now in the dating world without it!

Boot Camp Testimonial - Steph

Couple on Date

A Man At Speed Dating:

If you're serious and doing online dating switch to this. The speed dating is way more effective and fun. It's a more positive experience than online dating. Jean-Eva makes you feel supported in improving yourself and dating.

A Woman At Speed Dating

Jean-eva knows how to organize an event! Classy AF choice of venue and very attentive hostesses to chat with before the evening of speed dating began. Great people and fun & interesting conversations! I am very impressed.

Speed Dating Testimonials - J & C

Matchmaking Success

I decided to use a matchmaker service because I wanted to sit back and enjoy my single life and being a mom, I wanted to have someone else do the work.

I am an optimist and knew that there were good men out there but I didn’t want to put myself back on dating apps since I didn’t have the time to dedicate to searching and I didn’t want that kind of exposure. I wanted some privacy in my search. 


Jean-eva was amazing. I knew that she understood what I was looking for in a mate so I put my fate in her hands. I went on a few dates through Book of Love over a one year period and it was fun…but no match. I knew it was a process and I was patient. I knew he would come along when the time was right. 


Fall of 2021 Jean-eva knew that she had “found him” and she was right! My new partner is all I ever dreamt of in a relationship. It’s  been almost a year for us and I look forward to continuing growing this beautiful relationship. I am very lucky and I am thankful to Jean-eva for that. 

N - 50 - HR Professional 

Image by Alba Rebecca
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