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Hello Gentleman, I'm Sean and I'll be your dating coach!

Discover your perfect dating coaching package! Book your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with me, and together, we'll delve into the intricacies of dating in today's modern world, helping you find the best coaching option that suits your needs!

What we will cover if we decide to work together:


  • Qualifying a compatible relationship that lasts a lifetime.

  • How to take best performing profile pictures.

  • Building the perfect online dating profile.

  • A new online dating system that attracts quality matches. 

  • How to have an amazing first date.

  • Building confidence to meet women organically.

  • Tapping into your masculine energy.

  • Where to meet quality women organically.

  • Eliminating limiting beliefs & mental blocks.

  • Learning how your attachment style may be harming your relationships.

  • Creating a social life that serves your love life.

  • How to flirt over text & in person.

  • Discover what you value most in a partner.

  • Recognizing high value women.

"After being out of the dating world for a while, I was skeptical to start dating again. Dating has changed so much over the years, that I wanted to approach it logically and not just jump online and just randomly talk to a bunch of girls. I am a person who believes in self improvement, so I started dating coaching with Sean, which was a fantastic experience. Sean helped me understand what type of woman I was looking for and he reminded me of my strengths and self worth. He helped me build the confidence to be myself again and to be confident and natural when meeting and interacting with women. Sean is very personable, knowledgeable and confident; all great qualities that you want in a dating coach! I highly recommend taking the time to meet with Sean if you're entering the dating world or looking to make a positive change.​"

J - Mortgage Broker - 39

"Before working with The Book of Love, I felt very inadequate when it came to dating.  Sean quickly made me realize that I was actually a great catch, and the only thing we needed to work on was my confidence.  Having a few sessions with Sean, going on a demo date and receiving great feedback was a huge confidence boost for me. When it came time for me to go on my first event I felt ready, and actually met my new girlfriend there!


Having a male coach, someone who made me feel comfortable enough to ask vulnerable questions to, and knowing I was not doing this alone was a huge confidence boost.  Sean would even text me to check up on how things were going.  He was very proactive and it felt like having an older brother mentoring me through the process!​"

J - Entrepreneur - 36

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