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Be aware of, and avoid, the "Risky Hours"!

I have partnered up with the amazing Cuffy Lifestyle, and we had a very interesting conversation last night in preparation for our first Wing-Man Webinar this evening. He coaches men to date with confidence, live for their purpose, be productive, as well as how to learn to enjoy time alone. How you spend time alone, can either make or break your dating life. As a single person, it is between the hours of 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm that are the risky hours...

between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm most people start settling in for the night, including us. We either settle into a good movie on the couch, or a great book in bed, or just hit up our social media. These are also our loneliest hours as a single person. These are the hours that, if we're not careful, our will-power nose dives. We're feeling lonely, maybe even a little board, we just caught up on our social media where all our friends are getting married, having babies, getting raises, traveling, and just living fabulous lives. We are alone, with no distractions, then before we know it, we have that text open. That text to the man we know is bad news, and have been trying to get over. Or the women we are totally into, and we know we text her too much, but just can't help it during these hours. Then... there it goes... that damn text message! This is the message that we don't even think about sending during the day when we are working, socializing and living our purpose. This is the messages we are only weak enough to send during risky hours.

There are also some people who's risky hours extend way past 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm. Say for example we are in a point in our lives, where we don't have a lot going on, we are in between jobs, or just graduated looking for a career. Or we have become so great at our job that we are no longer challenged by it, and are thinking of trying something else, or starting our own business, but haven't yet. Or a lot of our friends have become busy and we realize that our social circle has reduced quite a bit. God help whatever potential romantic partner comes into our lives at that time, because the risky hours have just spread to a larger percentage of our day, and they will be chased away very quickly by our neediness. I have a lot of clients that ask to take breaks from matchmaking because their lives are starting to get too busy, and my response is a harsh 'no'. The best time to do matchmaking is when you're busy! Busy, productive, purposeful people are extremely attractive! Why? Because those fuckers aren't needy!

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