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What is Your Perspective about Dating?

I understand the desire to walk into a room of extremely attractive people and having your pick of the lot. It is human nature to want the world to bend based on our desires and wants. Life doesn't work like that, and neither does a singles event. To expect a group of people to cater to your preferences and your preferences alone is.... is... Just... Ewww! Not every person in that room is your type, but I guarantee there will be at least one or two. Also there are other men in that room, and maybe that sweet and kind women with the soft smile is exactly what he is looking for.

In this world of social media, dating apps and instant gratification we have lost sight if what is important. This isn't Tinder where you can just swipe past a person based on a picture. This is a space where single people can come together and seek real human connection with other single people.

Now I need your help and thoughts, not once has a women ever asked me to see the men before a dating event. We come from the same society of online dating and social media, why do the two sexes react so differently to the same experience?

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