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The Journey From Speed Dating Halifax To J-E Matchmaking

For all of you amazing followers who have been watching since my humble beginnings, thank-you. Some of you were very vocal in your support and love of my journey from host of my first Speed Dating event two years ago, to Halifax's local Matchmaker. Others were just silently observing the evolution, and what an evolution it was. I have never kept my mistakes, successes, failures, lessons and growth hidden from all of you. You are all aware that I am running side by side with you amazing singles on the battlefield of modern dating.

There has been a lot that has changed since that first event, and this blog will talk a bit about that which has changed the most. There is one thing that has not and will never change, and it is my dream to go against today's online dating culture lead by negativity and dishonesty. I've wanted to create a new dating culture here in Halifax that's foundation is based on kindness and communication. Although the culture has not yet altered, there have been small successes over these two years that keeps me moving forward in the hopes of affecting change.

When I first began it was one speed dating event with 8 men and 8 women. From this event, it has evolved into several events a month, workshops, an honest blog and a matchmaking service, yet this wasn't enough. These services were great, and for some an introduction is all that is needed to find an amazing partner. But I know for myself and many singles I have met along the way, I could be introduced to hundreds of amazing single men, but the results would all be the same. The men may be different, but I was the same insecure, man-hating, people pleaser. The only way to find true success in any area of our life, is to learn, study and improve ourselves every day. I needed to become the best version of myself, teach myself how to understand the opposite sex, learn to love them, and live a life and be the quality of person that I wanted to attract.

It is through my personal journey that I have developed a dating system that will take a single person in any form of single-hood, coach them on becoming the best versions of themselves, while equipping them with the mindset and attitude to take on today's dating culture (and matchmaker designed dates) with the confidence to know a great partner when they see it. Unkindness begins with our inability to determine and recognize a good person from a bad person. It is my goal to teach you how to recognize goodness in the opposite sex when you see it, and how to gracefully decline those not right for us.

Keep an eye out for all that is coming from J-E Matchmaking. Speed Dating Halifax will always be where it began, but just like in dating, it's time to leave that past behind and keep our eyes to the greatness of our futures.

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