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The Beauty of Hard to Get People

We all know those "hard to get" people. Those individuals that have passion and drive in everything they do. They're hard to get because they are most at risk of losing themselves in a relationship. When they do something, they put their entire heart and soul into it, and relationships are no different. They're hard to get because they are currently passionate and driven about their careers, their children, their social lives, their business or just their lives. You pursue them because you know that to have their attention on you would momentarily lift you out of your current life and place you into their amazing world. If by some chance the timing is right, and they give you the opportunity to spend time with them, you better have a fucking plan. That passion and drive that made them so hard to get may just turn on you, your dreams, and your ambitions. These people are those partners that make CEO's, world leaders and huge enterprises.

But wait, they aren't the perfect person you through they were. The constant optimism and positivity you saw shine from them, can't be sustained at all times. The more time they spend with you and the closer they get to you, the more they are able to take down the armour they live their lives wearing.

This isn't what you expected, an actual human, how quickly they fall from their pedicle. Their attention is too intense, you don't want to be seen this honestly. You better have a plan when pursuing a hard to catch person, otherwise just leave them alone.

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