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Six Misconceptions about Matchmaking - By Aaron Cosgrove

Until I was hired to work for one, I too didn’t fully understand the services and functionality of a

matchmaking company. And when I told my family and friends about my new endeavor, they

had plenty of questions and doubts!

Well today I’m going to put some of the common misconceptions I’ve heard about matchmaking

to rest:

1) Matchmaking is only for people who are desperate or can’t find dates on their own: Ugh! It’s actually quite the opposite. Our clients are lovely and dedicated people who have made a very brave leap into exploring another avenue of dating. In a world where social media apps are legitimately designed for quick hookups, many of us don’t get the opportunity to express who we truly are and our many amazing qualities! Our clients are actually very successful, kind and intelligent people who just possibly need some additional coaching and the right introduction. Who doesn’t?! It also takes a lot of time out of our busy lives to date! Many people who come to us are just very successful business-folk who have difficulty getting the time away from their professional lives to find matches on their own. Anyone can hit a roadblock when it comes to first impressions and some just need a little nudge to get there! I think it says a lot about a person who takes the initiative to invest in bettering themselves and what they are putting out into the dating world!

2) Matchmaking is only for old/rich people: Again, so not true! Our services are actually very affordable and more often than not, we are very willing to work within your specific budget. After all, we are in the business of helping you find love, not breaking the bank! And a majority of our clients are between the ages of 28-46. And isn’t age just a number anyway?!

3) It’s All About Sex!: Nope! In fact, we like to steer clear of any talk of sex during our consultations. Yes, sex is a very natural aspect of relationships, but we are trying to find you a meaningful and lasting connection. Chances are, if you were just looking for sex, you could probably find that elsewhere! And here at J-E Matchmaking, we actually coach our clients to abstain from sex until they’ve reached a mutual, exclusive commitment with their matches.

4) I Won’t Like My Dates: Truth is, if you have a negative outlook or pre-conceived expectations, then there’s probably not much we can do for you. We want you to have an excitement for this step you’re taking in your life! We also put a LOT of time and effort into analyzing many aspects of your profile and comparing them to others in our database. We wouldn’t send you on a date with someone unless we were really confident it was going to be fun and successful for both parties. We put a lot of research into our matches. In fact, you’re more likely to enjoy a date a professional

arranges for you than one you may find on your own. Also, you aren't going into these dates blind, you both have seen each others profiles including accurate pictures to confirm attraction and compatibility. All we are looking for on a matchmaker designed date is that beautiful chemistry!

5) I don’t need a matchmaking service because I can get dates for free online: Fair, you probably can! BUT are they quality dates? A matchmaking service goes above and beyond what any social media app does for a client. We are real human beings who manually go through a database of local, vetted clients to ensure matches are based on realistic qualities. Some of these qualities are religion, childhood upbringing, lifestyle, political views, fitness, physical preferences, views on marriage, children and more! So yes, your dating apps are free and readily available - but you get what you pay for! We go as far as providing one-on-one coaching, professional photography, personal styling, we design your dates, and provide support throughout the entire process until you’ve secured a committed relationship!

6) There’s nothing wrong with me, why would I use a matchmaking service?!: You’re right, there’s nothing wrong with you! But everyone has room for self-improvement and you need to think of your dating experience as an investment! If you want people to really notice your car, you take the time to shine it up right? A matchmaker knows the current dating scene better than anyone and can gauge your success based on how you date and present yourself. With a little coaching and fine-tuning of your already amazing qualities, anyone can be more successful in the dating field!

As you see our matchmaking services splattered all over Halifax, and Nova Scotia, I know each of you have thought or verbalised one or all of these misconceptions. Why not reach out to your local super-networkers... oops I mean matchmakers, to see if there are any connections in the city you may have missed. My name is Aaron, and I am your LGBTQ+ Matchmaker, and I also specialize in coaching men. Who better than a woman who likes women to teach you about women!

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