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Lonely But Fabulous

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

We can't talk about being single without also talking about #loneliness. There is a common question asked, "who would ever stay #single, the loneliness must be overwhelming." I could argue that we are surrounded by friends, family etc. etc. to avoid loneliness but let's be honest, being single can get pretty lonely.

My question to you is why do we villanize loneliness as the worst emotion we could ever feel? There are emotions out there that trump loneliness any day! We need to carry our loneliness as a badge of honor. It shows that we've have a prolonged negative emotion, and still didn't crumble under the pressure to partner up with someone who wasn't a good fit. A lot of time disappears into a partnership, and our #singlehood is only going to be for a short period of time, so let's use this time to read what we want, start that business, advance in our careers, cultivate those relationship, and travel to those countries. We may be lonely but we sure are #fabulous #speeddatinghalifax #speeddating #singlesevents #love #romance #blog #instablog

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