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A Gentleman with an Edge

Listen up, nice guys! Women don't like the #niceguy. But this doesn't mean we want to be treated badly by our men either. Sexiness is kindness with boundaries. It is human nature to push until someone pushes back. Even the kindest, most considerate women will walk all over a man if he allows her to. We are looking for a gentleman with an edge. This is the man who knows who he is, what he's looking for and what he is, and isn't willing to put up with.

A great example of this was the first time a man opened the car door for me. Being an independent woman I made the snarky remark "I can open the door myself". His response was "I know you can, but I want to open the door for you". That was just the slightest that made me realize that I couldn't dominate him. Never stop being the nice guy. It is who you are. Instead take some time to think about you, your values, and what your boundaries are. If a good woman isn't treating you well, one reason is because you allowed her to treat you that way, and vice versa ladies. A little bit of regular conflict is a good thing, even if it is a cheeky push back at the start of a relationship. #instablog #blog #datingadvice #dating #gentleman #edgy #love #romance #speeddatinghalifax

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