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The First and Hopefully The Last Person to Be Banned From Speed Dating Halifax

When I first started my Speed Dating and Matchmaking business I prepared myself for all types of people and conflicts. Fortunately, I have been very lucky that the majority of people who attend my events and contact me for Matchmaking have been amazing. To be honest, I thought my events would be filled with odd balls and potentially aggressive people. In reality, the people who attend my events are kind, beautiful, amazing individuals, looking for love. These people are the reason I do this, and why I push on through the hurtles of any small business owner. Yet, it is because of this love for my singles, that I will protect them at all costs like an angry mama bear!

It was a great Speed Dating night on Tuesday, It was a sold out event, and everyone who was there was happy to be there. The amount of matches were above the average Speed Dating event which is always a good sign. A couple hours after I sent out the matches I received messages from two of the daters. It turns out that one of the daters decided to send "Wanna Hook Up", to their entire list of matches!

Mama Bear Matchmaker flew off the handle. They were lucky that I was working for most of the afternoon and couldn't call them after I heard what they said. By the time I was done work, I had cooled down quite a bit and decided it was a good time to call them. I'm surprised they actually picked up, being they were the type of person to say things via text message they wouldn't say to someone's face. Their laid-back attitude, and complete surprise to why I was calling for such a, in their words, "silly reason", is what made me ban them from any further Speed Dating Halifax events.

This is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, I have zero tolerance for any of that online dating bullshit. People attend my events because they are tired of the culture and harassment they endure with online dating.

Second, To have met, looked into the eyes and had conversation with another individual, and still think its OK to send a message that completely disregards that respectful human connection and in addition be completely unaware they did anything wrong, tells me they're a bad person.

If after chatting a bit, and both of you come to the realization that a hook-up relationship is what you both choose, have fun. But, It is horrible to tear down someones worth, by stating right away that they only benefit you is in a sexual way. Especially to someone who invested money, into an event, in the hopes of finding love. Stick to your free online dating platforms if that's what you're looking for.

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