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The Biggest Risk Will Reap the Biggest Rewards

"The biggest risks will reap the biggest rewards". One of the truest success principles in business, and dating is no different. When dating, we are building relationships with people who could potentially hurt us the most. Especially when we choose those who are an equal partner. I see it so often, we naturally tend to date those who think we are out of their league. When we are out of someones league, we instantly have the upper hand when dating. It's when we date those who are equal to us, challenge us, and are self-aware enough that they are less likely to put up with our shit, that we are taking a large risk. If we are willing to take these risks, we will reap the biggest rewards, which could be an equal partner and a relationship built on respect and each of us striving to be our bests to deserve each other.

We spend a lot of time dating people who are easy. They're easy because we don't have a lot invested in them, therefore we don't run the risk of being hurt. It's true we don't get hurt as often, but we do leave those mediocre dating situations feeling frustrated. It's the same when we are online dating. If we are not discerning, and say yes to a bunch of mediocre people, frustration in the entire dating world will set in, and this doesn't make our chances of finding a great partner any better.

It's more beneficial to go on less dates with higher quality people. Getting hurt is just the name of the game when dating. If you're not getting hurt and disappointed, than you aren't dating at your level. If you are dating with a huge wall and apathy towards others, leaving broken hearts in your wake, you are just making the dating world a more negative place. I know this because I'm guilty, in my entire dating life, I only just recently started dating men who are my equals. I also say no all the time to those I know aren't worth it. Sure, some nights, and days, and mornings, and Sundays can be lonely and I have been hurt more than ever before by these men when it doesn't work out, but it sure does feel better than the time wasted with those I knew weren't worth it. It's time to start taking bigger risks, the reward is worth it.

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