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Before you master the dating game, master the human game.

I'm just about to head in to present the second Wing-Women workshop of a 2 month series. A full series is very tricky to organize because you want to communicate all of it in the first session. Yet, alas, I feel the ladies wouldn't be appreciative of a 16 hour workshop in one evening. If the ladies would finish this workshop with just one tidbit they live their lives remembering, its this; Before you master the dating game, you must first master the human game. Now let me explain a bit what this means.

We have been single for a while, focusing on our careers, and living our best life through family and friends. Then the weather has started to get nippy and we find friends less willing to come out for hang outs, and family starts to hunker down a bit, and work (depending on the profession) slows down as we come into the winter months. We're starting to get that craving to have someone to cuddle up to for snuggle weather season.

Then we are out at a singles event, bar, sports game or party, and we start to interact with the opposite sex in a romantic way for the first time in a long ass time. It's not as easy as we remember it to be. Then comes the natural state of unkind selectivity. Oh he isn't super attractive, not worth my time to talk to. She looks like a fun gal, but she's not really 'my type'. I've heard things as bad as, "I don't like it when guys don't roll the beaks of their hats, I'm not interested". ARE YOU... Fricken... KIDDING ME! Time to start being a human and treating others like fellow humans. Members of the opposite sex, members of the same sex, those who don't identify with genders, those who vote opposite to you, shy people, outgoing people, attractive people, hilarious people, mean people, kind people, all of the people. You will find it very hard to master the dating game before you master the human game.

Start with micro-interactions throughout the day. Start saying hi to those who walk by you on the way to work. If that is too much, just start by smiling at those who go past you on your way to get coffee. If that's too much, start with being aware of what your facial expression communicates to the world. Everything starts with micro-interactions, that develop into the ability to have full intimate conversations with those we are romantically attracted to. Start with the human game.

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