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Do you host LGBTQIA+ events?

We don't currently host LGBTQIA+ events, but our matchmaking services have connected many LGBTQIA+ couples. In our first five years, we attempted to organize fun and inclusive events for the community, but they weren't as successful as we'd hoped. Given the vibrant and diverse nature of the LGBTQIA+ community, we've found that our matchmaking approach yields better results, as it allows singles to share precisely what they're seeking. To learn more about our matchmaking services, fill out the brief form through the link below and we will be in touch shortly with more details:

What is your success rate?

The results vary depending on the service you choose:

  • Speed Dating: On average, each speed dating event leads to one couple that dates for more than three months.

  • Singles Mixers: These events typically result in 2 to 5 couples who date for longer than three months.

  • Matchmaking: Our matchmaking service boasts a 33% success rate. Since we focus on extreme compatibility, typically one out of three matchmaker-designed dates will lead to a relationship that lasts longer than six months.

  • Dating Coaching: If someone invests in our dating coaching program, there's an 80% chance they will find a long-term partnership within a year, with relationships typically lasting more than one year. 

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