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This Christmas Gift Certificate will provide the gift receiver access to our Compound Dating Technique course. 


What the Compound Dating Technique will teach you:


  • Qualifying a compatible relationship that last a lifetime.

  • How to take best performing profile pictures.

  • Building the perfect online dating profile.

  • A new online dating system that prevents burnout. 

  • How to have an amazing first date.

  • Building confidence & setting boundaries in dating.

  • Tapping into your feminine energy.

  • Where to meet quality men organically.

  • Eliminating limiting beliefs & blocks.

  • Learning how your attachment style may be harming your relationships.

  • Creating a social life that serves your love life.

  • How to flirting over text & in person.

  • Discovering what you value most in a partner.

  • Recognizing a high value man.

$600 Gift Certificate - Compound Dating Technique Course

SKU: 001
  • The Certificate recipient may start the process of taking our "Compound Dating Technique" course, by email 

    We will then give you access to our course.

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