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Holding Hands

Are You In The Book Of Love?

The Book of Love is our matchmaking database here in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick. It contains over 1000 singles between the ages of 25 - 65 who, like you, have come to us looking for partnership.

Using the form below, submit your details, and we will look over your confidential information and call you shortly. On this call we will discuss you, what you're looking for in a partner and how we can be of service to your dating endeavors.

If you live outside Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, or are outside our age range for matchmaking, still fill out the form, and we will be in touch shortly with more information on how we can help you take on the dating world!


C - Lawyer 42 & S - Chiropractor 31 

Married (Actual Wedding Photo)

C: Jean-evas success stems from how intuitive she is. Rather than matching random people from around the same age, she personalizes her choices based on compatibility. In a couple of short meetings, she got a pretty good understanding of me, my likes and dislikes, my preferences and aptitudes and all of that, I think probably more quickly than a lot of people would. We both agree that the very act of paying for a matchmaking service, helps find people with similar desires. While not everyone on a dating app is looking for something serious or long-term, people who invest in their love lives are likely after similar types of relationships.

S: I started my journey with J-E Matchmaking not knowing what to expect and perhaps maybe a bit skeptical but I was soon surprised. Jean-eva has an amazing profile questionnaire that is incredibly thorough and really forces you to think about what it is you are looking for in a partner. I did a few one on one coaching sessions and learned so much about myself. She had truly taken the time to get to know me and matched me with my soon to be husband. We both enjoyed the process and wouldn’t have changed a thing :)

H - Engineer 35 & C - Pastry Chief  36

C: September 2020 I decided to take a leap of faith, love and fear. My 'finding love' story has many parts. Some excited me, like getting fun pictures done, having to choose what mattered to me, and deciding to throw away all preconceived notions of what dating and a relationship looked like. But there were tough parts too, like getting down to the roots of who I was and finding the side of me that had been dark for so long. I made the decision to climb the mountain of finding a partnership. Luckily, I had a big sister that I never thought I needed beside me the whole time. My matchmaker.

I'm now sitting next to my person. The person who accepted me when I was still learning how to accept myself. He gave me the chance to walk into his world and let me walk beside him and learn new things about myself along the way. We're on a crazy, fun and hilarious journey with bumps in the road, but we are doing it together. One person is the soul and you choose that mate. 

Image by David Cajilima
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